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Why You Should PlayPianoWithCarey: Your Dreams Can Come True!

Dear Friends Worldwide: A Letter from Carey Byron

Have you ever imagined what future you can make happen when you master reading and writing music? We all know the power of reading and writing in a language. Music is a universal language, and we are in a globally connected community.

People are faced with certain circumstances that make it difficult for them to pursue their dreams. I’ve witnessed some firsthand. Maybe you can paint the picture with me as you read along…

You have so much passion for music but you are frustrated because you cannot afford to take expensive ongoing lessons.

Not only are piano lessons expensive, but also you feel that buying a piano for yourself is out of reach. You try to learn music but there is no piano to practice on to improve your skills. You see a piano in your school or church but are not allowed to touch it.

You are busy making a living, so you feel that you don’t have time to learn anything new. You are too proud to sit with children in a classroom to learn the basic do-re-mi skills. You feel that you are too old to learn piano now, so you give up saying “What for?”

But you see the beautiful piano in the church and wish you could be good at playing it, so you can perform worship songs during the service. You can see how it can give the worship more life. You know that you can join the worship band as a pianist someday.

You are a jazz pianist – you are incredibly talented and feel the music with all your body and soul. But you don’t know how to read notes. You say, “The sky is my limit – I can do so much more than I do now if only I knew how to read music and understand music theory.”

You are a singer, violinist, clarinetist, trumpeter, drummer, guitarist, etc. You love what you do, and want to improve your music. You want to teach someday as well. Knowing how to read music would really help you with teaching. You want to apply for a new job but are reluctant to audition because sight-reading is required. You don’t have confidence in your ability to sight-read music.

You live in a rural area, and things are pretty slow. Maybe one day, you want to move to a bigger, busier town and get a job. You think becoming a musician could open up some possibilities.

You love to sing and compose. You are actually a genius – people admire your songs. You have been saving them on your phone and sharing them with your friends. You wish to write your songs on sheet music for future performances or publish them as a composer.

You are young. You depend on your parents for everything because you are too young to make money. You asked your parents about taking music lessons but they say things are pretty tight right now, so they cannot afford it. You feel down…just hopeless.

Then “Join and Play Piano With Carey!

Free yourself from all the worries!

You can be whoever you want to be if you are committed. Note reading skills are learned by repetition.

While you practice piano, read notes aloud every day just like you did when you were learning to read. Then you will become an expert in no time, I promise. Also, I will show you how to naturally put your fingers on each key, so you will get used to the fingering patterns that you can apply to any song you wish to play.

You don’t need to pay for my lessons – they are free! Don’t worry about not having an expensive piano either.

You can get a small keyboard at a cheap price, or even for free when others want to get rid of their kids’ toy pianos.

You can also get it at a local thrift store at a very reasonable price. When you are ready, you can always transition to a bigger keyboard or an acoustic piano.

By then, you would have built a strong foundation in music, so you should be able to progress fast.

Sometimes geniuses can be placed in the wrong environment for them to grow. Have you ever felt like you have lacked motivation, been depressed and unappreciated, and felt that tomorrow would not get any better? If so, I encourage you to learn piano through my lesson series!

I was inspired to create this series after I read the book, “The Color of Water” by James McBride. When James was going through tough times as a young boy, music was the major force that gave him the meaning of life.

There are so many things you can do, especially if you love music and are willing to try. There are bands you can join and you will have a group of friends who share the same passion. You can be a pianist and perform any musical instrument in a band. It will become easier if you understand music.

Learn songs from my lessons and perform at Christmas parties, birthday parties, or during any social gathering. You can even perform them at your job audition.

Remember: The Sky’s the Limit! Unleash your full potential!

To Musical Literacy and Beyond!

With love,


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